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The Global Defense Initiative prefers to use frontal assault tactics with sturdy units with high firepower. This comes at a price: speed and stealth abilities seem non-existant on most of their units.The following is a list of all currently known GDI units Tiberium Wars will feature. Not all of them have a picture, and not all abilities described may turn out to be accurate in the final game.

Rifle infantry squad :

Comparable to Light Infantry in Tiberian Sun. These soldiers arent of much use, but it is likely they will come with abilities such as capturing tech buildings and garrisoning city buildings. They come in squads as instead of individual soldiers.

Rocket infantry squad :

Infantry armed with a rocket launcher that is effective against vehicles and perhaps air units, but won't be able to hit infantry targets very well..

Grenadier squad :

Infantry armed with a grenade launcher that is effective against vehicles and buildings.

Sniper :

This infantry unit snipes other infantry. It's also somewhat stealthed. It can point out targets for Juggernaut bombardment over very long distances.

Engineer :

The engineer is back, and is likely to come with the same abilities it had in previous installments of Command & Conquer.

Zone Trooper :

Wearing heavy armor and thus protected from hazardous Tiberium infected terrain, the Zone Trooper even has the ability to use a jumpjet for short distances. Wether it will have more firepower as standard infantry, remains to be seen.

Pitbull Jeep :

A light scouting vehicle. Fast and only lightly armoured and armed, it may also be useful against infantry. (By running them over, perhaps?)

Guardian APC :

This is GDI's way to transport larger amounts of infantry over the map. It doesn't seem to be amphibious, judging from it's looks.

Predator Tank :

A fast tank with medium armor and a light cannon. It may also be upgraded with a missile launcher.

Juggernaut :

It's back! This tri-barreled walking behemoth can not only deliver artillery barrages over great distances, but (judging from some screenshots) also has a short-range mode in which it may be comparable in use to the Titan from Tiberian Sun.

Mammoth tank :

Perhaps the most classic C&C unit, the Mammoth tank is back, and better then ever. Aside from the double-barrel cannons, that are effective against units and buildings, it may be upgraded with various secondary weapons, such as misseles and disruptor panels.

Mobile Construction Vehicle :

It's the MCV, alright. Slow but sturdy. Deploy it and you can build... buildings.

Tiberium Harvester :

Slow and unarmed, these big machines gather tiberium and carry it to your Refineries, resulting in cashflow that may be used to expand your base or army.

The Rig :

This versatile vehicle can deploy into a repair base and aircraft landing pad, providing forward logistics to aircraft and armored units.

Firehawk Fast Attack Jet :

This unit is similar to the Orca Fighter. However, judging from the concept art, it may be able to 'convert' into a Bomber somehow.

Orca :

This unit is similar to the Orca Fighter. However, judging from the concept art, it may be able to 'convert' into a Bomber somehow.

V-35 Ox VTOL transport: :

This GDI unit can tote lighter vehicles around the map.


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