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Kane's Wrath patch released!
Posted by DeathRay2K on July 10th, 2008

Kane's Wrath has officially been updated to version 1.01 today.
You should be able to get it through the auto-pather now, or download it here.
This comes after an accidental leak on EA's file server earlier on, meant for European testers. If you downloaded the leaked version of the patch, have no fear, it is identical to the released version.

The patch notes follow:

Command & Conquer™ 3: Kane's Wrath
Version 1.01 Patch Notes - June, 2008

This patch for Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath fixes several
desyncs and exploits, numerous bugs, and makes balance changes
across all nine factions. We have also improved Automatch and added
a Russian lobby.

· Fixed a desync that occurs when a Nod ally attempts to create a Decoy army of a Mechapede.
· Fixed a desync that occurs when playing against a brutal AI with 2 players on level Unfair Advantage.
· Fixed a desync that occurs when playing with 2 players against a Brutal Black Hand AI on
the map Unfair Advantage.
· Fixed a desync when 2 players use Black Hand vs GDI on the map Tournament Arena.
· Fixed a desync that occurs when engaging Firehawks with Seekers
· Fixed a desync when Venoms attack a Plasma Missile Battery that is detecting an invisible unit

· The Message of the Day will now show up online for Kane's Wrath.
· In-game rank/stats now show up alongside player name while in the game lobby.
· Improved Automatch performance
· Reaper 17 – You can no longer sell a stasis chamber to receive a group of Ravagers for only 600 credits.
· You can no longer use group selecting to allow a Mantis, AA-loadout Firehawk, flying Shadow Team,
or Slingshot to force-fire on other ground units.
· Titans crushable level increased. Titans can no longer crush other Titans.
· Fixed the minimap while match is loading
· Can no longer build more than one VOICE of Kane
· Can no longer build multiple epic unit factories

The following balance changes are intended to make resource-gathering decisions more strategic,
while also further tuning the combat forces to ensure even balance across all three factions in any combination.

/General Balance Changes/

· Refinery cost increased to 3000 credits, build time increased to 30 seconds, power requirement increased to 15 units
· Harvester cost increased to 2000 credits, build time increased to 20 seconds
· Tiberium Spike capture bonus decreased by 33%, income per second decreased by 60%
· Harvester health increased 25% for most factions, Steel Talon/Black Hand harvester health increased by 16%
· Build radius: most unit production structures no longer provide a build radius,
all conyards have had their build radii increased by 25%
· Advanced infantry structures now provide a basic infantry unit when sold or destroyed
· Grasslands Landgrab: blue tiberium now starts at 0

/GDI Balance Changes/

· Silo cost reduced by 80%
· Power Plant upgrade now provides double the bonus power
· Power Plant cost and build time reduced by 12.5% to 700/7

· Commando armor versus gun, rocket, and grenade doubled
· Grenadier range increased 8%, grenade speed increased 50%,
scatter increased 33%, blast radius increased 50%
· Rig: packed HP increased 33%, unpack/pack time decreased 40%,
repair drone range increased 33%
· Pitbull damage increased 25% against ground units, HP reduced 10%
against air scale reduction 200% to 150%.
· Hammerhead speed reduced 17%
· Mammoth speed increased 12.5%
· Shatterer range increased 30%, sonic wave horizontal damage radius tripled,
pre-attack delay removed, clip reload time increased, cost increased to 1500/15
· Zone Shatterer range increased 30%, sonic wave and overload beam sonic wave
horizontal damage radius tripled, removed pre-attack delay, increased clip reload time, cost increased to 1600/16
· ZOCOM Orca burst damage capability dps increased significantly, clip size reduced 50%,
cost and build time increased to 1500/15
· Titan crusher/crushable level increased to that of a heavy tier 3 walker,
damage increased 12.5%, railgun-upgraded damage increased 9.2%
· Behemoth range increased 20%, HP increased 10%
· Combat Engineer damage increased by 17%
· APCs now lay mines as quickly as the Mobile Repair Transport (instantaneously)
· Firehawks will no longer force-fire at the ground when loaded with anti-air missiles
and group-selected with ground units
· Slingshots will no longer force-fire on the ground when group-selected with ground units
· Surveyor -- damage taken by gun-type decreased by 25%, speed increased by 20%.

· Call for Transport ability cost reduced by 60%
· Hardpoints upgrade no longer decreases Firehawk anti-air missile speed
· Autoinjectors health bonus increased an additional 20%
· Ceramic Armor bonus versus gun- and cannon-type damage
decreased by 50% for the ZOCOM Orca
· ZOCOM Bloodhounds power cost increased by 50%, now provides veteran APCs
· ZOCOM Airborne power cost increased by 50%
· Steel Talon Bloodhounds power cost increased by 40%
· Composite armor build time tripled
· Tiberium Field Suits build time and cost doubled, armor bonus vs cannon halved
· MARVesting now returns 33% of the harvested Tiberium value

/Nod Balance Changes/

· Silo cost reduced by 80%
· Voice of Kane now provides the appropriate increase in combat effectiveness to nearby infantry
· Shredder Turret Hub for Marked of Kane subfaction can now fire when upgraded with quad turrets

· Commando armor versus gun, rocket, and grenade doubled
· Beam Cannon range increased 20%
· Avatar beam weapon damage increased by 6.25%
· Purifier beam weapon damage increased by 6.25%
· Flame Tank damage taken from cannon-type decreased 25%
· Fanatic damage increased 54%, blast radius increased 25%
· Redeemer laser damage increased 6%, range increased 7%
· Mantis range increased 10%
· Confessor Cabal cost/build time increased 33%, un-upgraded damage increased 50%
· Tiberium Trooper rangefinder has been fixed, increases unit range by 20%
· Awakened speed increased 11%, health reduced 25%
· Emissary -- damage taken by gun-type decreased by 25%, speed increased by 20%.
· Flying shadow team will no longer force-fire at the ground when group-selected with ground units

· Reflector Beam ability no longer diminishes attack power, reflection range doubled
· EMP Cannon of the Awakened/Enlightened tuned for significantly faster responsiveness,
squads will no longer perform a funky backwards walk-dance when attempting to get into EMP range
· Call for Transport ability cost reduced by 60%
· Charged Particle Beam cost reduced 66%, upgrade time halved
· Dozer Blades cost and research time doubled
· Black Disciples cost increased 33%, research time doubled
· Purifying Flame cost increased 33%, research time doubled, damage bonus to Flame Tank increased 116%,
damage bonus to Purifier decreased 75%
· Commandeer Beam Cannon damage bonus increased by 50%
· Commandeer Stealth Tank: stealth-upgraded Avatar will no longer lose stealth when moving
· Rage Generator hallucination time reduced 60%, cooldown halved
· Supercharged Particle Beam damage bonus to Shredder Turrets decreased 70%
· Charged Particle Beam damage bonus to Shredder Turrets decreased 60%
· Laser Capacitor upgrade damage bonus to raider buggy increased 33%,
damage bonus to laser turret increased 50%
· Disruption pods now subtract the appropriate 500 credits on use
· Tiberium Vein Detonation damage decreased 20%
· Tiberium Core Missiles no longer reduce the range of the Attack Bike
· Shadow Strike Team power cost increased by 25%
· Shadow Team Explosive Charge damage reduced 10%
· Catalyst Missile radius decreased by 50%
· Mantises will no longer force-fire at the ground when group-selected with ground units

/Scrin Balance Changes/

· Devastator Warship range increased 14%, damage type changed from cannon to grenade
· Storm Rider health, cost, and build time normalized to base Scrin across all subfactions
· Cultist health reduced 20%, speed increased 12.5%, mind control cooldown increased 33%
· Seeker damage taken from cannon type damage increased 10%, damage taken from gun-type damage doubled
· Disintegrator range increased 36%, back-end members of the squad should no
longer have trouble firing
· Devourer Tank uncharged damage increased 23%, charged damage increased 6%
· Mechapede disintegrator segment damage and range halved,
corrupter segment range decreased 25%, range of disc segment increased 8%,
Shard segment rate of fire improved significantly
· Corrupter range increased by 50%, speed increased by 17%
· Ravager damage from gun-type reduced by 33%
· Explorer -- damage taken by gun-type decreased by 25%, speed increased by 20%.

· Lightning spike power cost increased by 50%
· Plasma Disc Launcher upgrade cost and build time doubled
· Blink Packs upgrade cost and build time halved
· Attenuated Forcefields research cost normalized to base Scrin across all subfactions
· Advanced Articulators cost/build time quadrupled
· Lifeform Recycling range increased 50%
· Blue Shards upgrade no longer reduces the clip size and firing rate of the Shardwalker
· Overlord’s Wrath damage reduced by 55%
· Conversion reserves now provide the stated bonus of 2x charged shot capacity
· Forcefields now take the intended 1% damage from sniper fire

/Neutral Balance Changes/

· Mutant Marauder damage and speed increased 50%

· Added a Russian Lobby


Kane's Wrath patch coming up
Posted by The DvD on July 6th, 2008

A patch for Kane's Wrath was long overdue, and EA seems to have finally understood that too. Mike Verdu, EALA manager, has posted a statement:

I am not as proud of our record in supporting our games after launch. In fact, I'm downright unhappy with that aspect of our business. There have been some bright spots: For example, our community manager's passionate advocacy on behalf of our customers, the huge patch 1.05 for Battle for Middle-earth II that was a labor of love between our team and the community, and our fast response to some initial problems on C&C3. But overall, the level of support has been lacking. We tend to put out a limited number of patches for our products and in many cases those patches take longer than they should to finish, test, and release. It’s been a chronic issue for more than four years, and we need to fix it.

Basically, it's a matter of allocating resources.


Alex06's KW map pack
Posted by Team Black on April 19th, 2008

Alex06 has posted a pack of some amazing new maps for Kane's Wrath,
I highly suggest you go check them out

In the topic you'll see the ingame screenshots. Please download this pack and give some feedback, perhaps we could make it the first addition to our spotlighted Tiberium Wars Maps section.


Kane's Wrath Released
Posted by Ixith on March 29th, 2008

That's right, Kane's Wrath was released a few days ago! So if you loved Tiberium Wars then you might want to get Kane's Wrath if you haven't already. However, there are also some other things you should know.

It would appear that Kane's Wrath does not have modding support yet. We can only hope that modding support comes for Kane's Wrath in a future patch to it. Yet another thing we can only hope for in a future patch would be the OMC maps that were qualified to be sent into EA. Banshee had mailed them about it before KW's release and though he didn't get a good response it would appear that they did not make it into KW.

Also, EALA has also provided a Launch Guide to provide help for anyone who may be experiencing any problems and are in need of help. If you still have questions that might not have gotten answered, then remember that we do provide a Support/Feedback Forum here in which you can ask your questions.

Finally, keep in mind that mods for Tiberium Wars are already being created! If you have a mod that you are creating and wish to announce it then you can do so in our Mod Announcements section of the forums.


Open Map Competition 4 Results!
Posted by Banshee on March 18th, 2008

After some months reviewing the maps we have some good news on the Open Map Competition 4. The results are finally going online. There were 29 valid maps and they are being announced in a slowly way. So far, we know the 8th position and those who scored worse than it. The maps are being announced in an avarage of each 8 to 10 hours, which means that the winner will be known on few days.

And you can already see all statistics, comments from reviewers, the last words from the authors of the map and, of course, download each announced map at the Result page. Visit CnCCommunity.net for the latest news on it.


Kane's Wrath scrin previews
Posted by Team Black on February 12th, 2008

Two videos have recently been released on Kane's wrath, featuring new stuff in the Scrin department.
Check em out:

Scrin Subfactions

Mechapede preview


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