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Alien (Scrin) logo

Unlike it's predecessors, Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars will feature a complete third side, available not only in skirmish, but also as a campaign faction. The third side has been confirmed to be alien invaders, supposedly named the Scrin. Several screenshots are available, which show various kinds of units and buildings. (Click for fullsize image) You may also view the magazine scans from Games for Windows Magazine, available in the gallery.

Some other info about the Aliens:

  • Alien structures are interstellar portals that transport units onto Earth,
  • Alien units and structures build faster,
  • Aliens don't need Silos,
  • Aliens get more money per harvester load
  • Aliens can re-seed Tiberium patches,
  • Aliens aren't damaged by moving through Tiberium,

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