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Nod favours units that are speedy and stealthy. They also aren't afraid of using highly experimental technologies on the battlefield. The following is a list of all currently known Nod units Tiberium Wars will feature. Not all of them have a picture, and not all abilities described may turn out to be accurate in the final game.

Militant :

Comparable to Light Infantry in Tiberian Sun. These soldiers arent of much use, but it is likely they will come with abilities such as capturing tech buildings and garrisoning city buildings.

Rocket Soldier :

Infantry armed with a rocket launcher that is effective against vehicles and perhaps air units, but won't be able to hit infantry targets very well.

Fanatic :

Comparable to the Terrorists found in C&C: Generals, these units carry bombs on their bodies and will go down in explosions upon impact with an enemy object.

Saboteur :

Comparable to GDI's engineer unit, it's also lightly armed and may have spy-like abilities.

Black Hand Shock Trooper :

Equipped with flamethrowers from start, these are lethal against enemy infantry and may be effective against structures aswell. They can be upgraded with other weaponry.

Shadow :

Nod's commando unit. They are equipped with hang-gliding for fast traveling across the battlefield.

Attack Bike :

Fast as ever, this bike is good for recon missions but may also be able to take out tanks with it's missiles.

Raider Buggy :

A fast anti-infantry vehicle, probably armed with a light machine gun.

Scorpion Tank :

Essentially the tick tank from TS, this light tank can dig itself in so it's resistance to enemy fire increases considerably.

Flame Tank :

The Flame tank, infantry's greatest nightmare throughout all C&C games, is back. It doesn't have a cool subterranean travel ability like Tiberian Sun's Devil's Tongue, but it is still capable of delivering a slight burn to enemy infantry.

Mobile Construction Vehicle :

It's the MCV, alright. Slow but sturdy. Deploy it and you can build... buildings.

Tiberium Harvester :

Slow and unarmed, these big machines gather tiberium and carry it to your Refineries, resulting in cashflow that may be used to expand your base or army.

Stealth Tank :

The Stealth tank is back and as useful as it ever was: fast, invisible unless firing, and capable of delivering considerable damage in a short time. It is capable of firing at air targets aswell, making it a usefull defensive unit.

Beam-Cannon Artillery :

This is Nod's artillery support units. As it name suggests, it can deal lots of damage across a great distance. Multiple units may pass on their beam and firepower to each other so that one units in front can deal lots of damage by using the support beams from units supporting it.

Avatar Battle Mech :

This is Nod's highest-tech vehicle. It's a bi-pedal monstrosity capable of ripping the weapons systems off of enemy units, and using it for it's own advantage!

Venom Scout Aircraft :

This is a light scouting craft capable of doing light damage to all kinds of targets.

Vertigo Bomber :

This is a bat-wing shaped bomber (slightly resembling TS's Banshee)

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