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The following video footage has been released by EA Games. Click on the thumbnails to download the videos.

Official trailer :

This is a supercool trailer showing lots of GDI units in full detail, when they're getting ready to attack.

November trailer :

A trailer that mostly shows ingame footage. We can see here that the juggernaut is not really an artillery unit anymore.

Kane returns :

Joe Kucan returns as Kane!

GDI Base building and some skirmishes with Nod troops :

This video starts out with a GDI base being built, then some urban skirmishes and finally a small Nod attack on the GDI base ( you can see the GDI defense tower being deployed ).

Stealth tanks, Flame tanks, Predator tanks and Orca's :

The GDI base is under attack by Nod stealth tanks. An infantry division gets whiped by flame tanks, but GDI Predator tanks retaliate, while Orca fighters get rid of the stealth tanks.

Nod Obelisks and Vertigo bombers defending from a Mammoth assault :

The Nod base is under siege by Mammoth tanks and some kind of GDI artillery. The Nod Obelisks and Bombers fail to defend their base from the assault and the Mammoth's have free reign in the Nod base.

Video interview with Mike Verdu. Includes in-game footage :

Mike Verdu tells us about the differences in game style between GDI and Nod. He also gives details about the user interface.

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